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 Class Policies

Registration Agreement & Understanding
Student Status

NEW STUDENTS: FULL PAYMENT FIRST AND LAST MONTH IS REQUIRED WITH REGISTRATION. Your membership tuition is 100% refundable in the event your first class choice is not available and second choice is not available or within the first 4 weeks of starting your class if you are not satisfied. Please KEEP YOUR COPY of the registration, as we DO NOT SEND CONFIRMATIONS.

CURRENT STUDENTS: AeroChampion membership tuition is similar to college tuition, you are a member of our member of our program, with member benefits, and monthly membership tuition fees that will educate the students enrolled. Current students have priority over New students; your card will be charged on the business day on or before the 20st of the month unless other payment arrangement has been made prior to the 20th of the month.  If you wish to cancel your membership, (see below).

Joining, Dropping, Changing, Missing Classes

JOINING a class after a month commences: No problem, as long as there is a vacancy (some programs do have certain late-start restrictions). Tuition will be prorated relative to your start date. Tuition will not be prorated within the first 3 weeks of classes. However, you will be able to make up the missed classes.

MISSING A CLASS / MAKE UPS: If you need to miss a class, please let us know 48 hours in advance so we can make the spot available for someone else to make up.  If you need to make-up a class, accommodations can be made within one month with another class that is running and has a vacant spot.  MISSED CLASSES without 48 hour notice or a unforeseen illness without a doctor's note will NOT be allowed to make-up.

CHANGING classes mid-month within the same program: We will gladly accommodate class change requests within the same program (assuming there is a vacancy in your desired class). Moving from program to program is considered dropping a class (see below).

DROPPING a class; changing program to program: There are no refunds or credits for dropping a class or for changing from one program to another, mid-month. ONCE A MONTH HAS COMMENCED YOU ARE IN CLASS FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH, regardless of attendance, except for 'MEDICAL REASONS' (see below). We understand that our students may have reasons to leave for other sports, which is why we offer our monthly schedule. If, however, you do request to drop a class or not continue with us for the next month, please let us how we can better our program for the future so we can improve. We are here for the kids and we want to give them and our parents the best possible experience with our program.

CANCELING TUITION/ Dropping a Class: Current Students are given priority over New Students in their current class.  Please give us 30 day written notice (by email, written note, or a drop request form) that you are dropping from a class, so that the spot may be given to a new student wanting that space.  If you need to cancel, we are sorry to see you go, and thank you for being a part of our program; we would like to know how we can better our program.  To Cancel: written 30 day notice is required, at which time your final month (paid up front) will be applied to your last month.  If notice is given after the 20st of the month, last month can either be applied to next month or be forfeited. Final month membership tuition is NON Refundable.

MEDICAL REASONS for dropping a class: For medical situations validated by a written acknowledgement from a licensed medical practitioner you will be granted a credit prorated from the date we receive the written acknowledgement. (Please note: A retroactive request for medical credit cannot be granted, as it eliminates our opportunity to fill the vacated spot.)

WEATHER CANCELATIONS: In the event weather conditions are not suitable for safe travel, classes will be cancelled, please call or check our website for weather related cancellations. Notice will NOT be sent.  In the event we cancel, you can feel free to schedule a time to make-up in one of our current classes, if we are unable to reschedule a time slot for your class.